Let it Marinate

You would have done such and such,

but I didn’t.

You wouldn’t put up with that,

but I do.

You don’t see how I could be happy,

but I am.

Thanks for being a friend and keeping me on your mind, but the truth is


And I will never be on the same line.


Where you at?

Somewhere with my back against the wall,trusting no one but God, trying not to hear their whispers as they pray that I will fall. Demise was their plan, but God got me y’all. Right in the nick of time reminding me of the intentional design of mind. And the indestructibility of this life before it’s time. Reassuring me of a purpose although unclear, that I should move on in grace and faith without fear. @gottabeheard

The burn

The sins, the biting of the lips, the fakeness. At first glance for the greater good. Decisions made with a younger mind before this level of greatness was understood. This elevation of lessons learned, the wisdom, the faithfulness paired with opinions that burn. Calculated steps that must be taken to gain the title of hated and insane from those who never dodged traffic in these lanes.