Wine supply and Ibotta link + rant

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Halfway through my wine supply and it’s only been a week In Quarantine . I need to replenish but I have to pay bills first. My mortgage company doesn’t care what the President said And they don’t care that my main source of income is off-limits at this time. Things are so crazy. 🤩I have not had groceries in my house for probably the past year. I would just go out and get food when we needed it. Some voice in my head kept telling me to go buy groceries before all the panic set in and I did about tons of non-perishable grocery. 😳Good thing I listened to that voice in my head this time. I did not buy enough tissue but when I was out scavenging for more there was a really nice guy who appeared out of nowhere and gave me like a whole month supply of tissue for free. 🤑Mind you I had been to at least five stores and I was unable to find tissue at any of them. I normally would not have taken anything from stranger; however, I didn’t see him as a threat I saw him as a blessing. So I have a goal this week 🤪pay my mortgage and whatever other bills I can and then I can go on a shopping spree at the liquor store. Yay me!!! 🤓And yes I will be using my Ibotta app so that I can get cash back when I buy my alcohol supply. Use this link to start getting cash back with Ibotta:

Product Review @str8shadez – shades

I absolutely love my new shades. I ordered them on Instagram: @str8shadez. I am so glad that I ordered my shades online. They were really cute so I instantly fell in love with them and I didn’t know how they would look on me but I really like them. They are nice and sturdy, not flemsey at all. They make me feel like a rockstar when I’m wearing them!!! What do you think about these wonderful shades?


So Walmart couldn’t take my 4 quarters and give me a paper dollar due to loss prevention precautions (basically just in case the quarters were counterfeit)…🙄but I could buy something with the same 4 quarters (no problem)… I almost went off. Thank God a customer had a paper dollar and was willing to give it to me for my very real quarters… 🙌🙌🙌 To God be the Glory – 😩This is why I stay in the house.


Everything happens for a reason…If I was supposed to see them just one more time then I would have seen them, but I didn’t which to me means I wasn’t supposed to… not on this side…it hurts, but it changed something in me forever that had to be changed in order for me to do something I never would have done…Something that I have to believe is for the greater good Of more than just me… so I replay the events the years over and over in my head …I run through each emotion embarrassment, anger, pain, not knowing who I am, defeat, being taught a lesson in spiritual warfare right on time, giving it all to GOD, a glimpse of hope, realizing the pain was necessary, refusing to let it kill me, deciding I was going to live, fighting for my life, not caring about what they thought, loving me regardless, appreciating the once insignificant, loving the unloveable, realizing that crazy was good and normal was insane, recognizing that regret is ridiculous because all things work for the good of those that love the Lord, getting closer to God, fear of being too close to God, knowing I’m not worthy of all his goodness, realizing God is cooler than people think, realizing I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was, recognizing that I have a job to do, being compelled to do the job wonderfully… knowing deep down inside I had to go through all of that to get to this and my journey has just begun…so I don’t regret it – It was necessary!